Thursday, April 9, 2009

Best laid plans 'n' all....

Well, I had very good intentions as you all know, last night, to spend the night sewing and stitching, and completing at least 2 unfinished projects.
Rowing boy and French chic arrived out not a minute after I had finished clearing up after tea, and just sat down at the sewing machine. They had been grocery shopping, and French chic dropped a milkshake/smoothie - whatever - this milky thing was spilled all over the front seat of the car. No they did not cry over it - but rowing boy was none to happy 'bout the smell that was already beginning to build up - being a very cold day the heater had been on fairly high - French chic feels the cold.
So instead of sewing, we tidied the garage - which had been accumulating all sorts of stuff from the house, from clean ups and sort outs in readiness to move to Twizel.
Rowing boy needed to first clean his car, and then have it sit in our garage with the portable dehumidifier inside it to dry out!!!

Hmmmmmmmmm - Rowing man is very late home tonight. I am just having a very quick bite to eat, and then I am definitely, no holds barred, getting straight into it! Woman on a mission!


Have fun, Shiree