Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just 'Cos

the other day, Jessica posted about a "just because" - her hubby sent her some delicious flowers,
...well on Thursday, I run into the courier man on his way into my workplace carrying a most wonderful bunch of flowers, I remarked to him that someone was a lucky gal to be getting these, and lo and behold - my name was on the card - yep - that's me!

these just so gorgeous!

how lucky am I, and just 'cos

now that is a favourite phrase of mine (Hmmm there's cobwebs on my number plate - don't use my car too often!), when the kids were teenagers, we always talked about having a reason or excuse for doing something, and if they came up with an excuse then it was likely to be something that they really should not be doing, but a reason - well now that was different. Having that kind of logical argument, and then leaving it up to the teenager to decide saved a lot of arguments, and taught them some really good values and lessons. I watch them make really good decisions now as adults, and I am so proud of them. So my boring "reason" or "excuse" really paid of.

However, as a parent, there was some leeway, and occasionally, it was my "parent prerogative" to just occasionally mind, encourage them to do something (the right kinda thing!) just 'cos!

and we were were very lucky to celebrate last New Year's in Paris - just 'cos

It is a beautiful Saturday morning, I have just got back from the gym (great to blow out the cobwebs off my body, and my car!),

and I am now gonna get stuck into this house - it goes on the market next week, first open home on Saturday next, and auction 3 weeks on Tuesday - unless of course some lovely buyer comes along and offers a ridiculous amount of money - now that would be very nice!

The job appears bigger then Ben Hurr, but it has to be done! and I just cannot put it off any longer...

With luck, I might get some stitching done this evening, if I can manage to stay awake after my cleaning and tidying marathon...

you have a fun weekend,



Deb said...

Divine Ms S, popping in just "cos!!

Nah love your flowers lucky begga, We will have to start calling him the Delectable Mr T if he keeps that up.
Feel free to hand on my address!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house selling. I hope your workout left you invigorated for the tidying and sorting. I am constantly amazed by how much clutter we ecrue in our house. There's a new TV programme coming soon where everyone's houses are emptied and it's only the things you can remember that get to go back in. Scarey stuff- got to watch that!

I like flowers just because too. :-)

Cardygirl said...

How fun your post was today...good luck with the house selling...have a great weekend...just cos you deserve it!

Michelle said...

Isn't it nice to be spoilt for no other reason than just cos!!! How sweet!

Julz said...

Gorgeous flowers, and very romantic. DH will be so pleased when you are both finally in the same town (and house!). Hope the house tidying went well and good to hear you made it to the gym. Fingers are crossed you get a speedy house sale for trillions of dollars! Hugs Jx

Anonymous said...