Sunday, July 11, 2010

the fasterer I go the behinderer I get

well, I have been in meltdown mode pretty much all week, and that was after starting the week skiing on Monday. So much for blowing out the cobwebs huh. This house is bursting at the seams, and I am not really coping with all this mess. I am pretty much an organised person, but not too over the top or OCD..... no no no .... not me!!

Somehow,  I need to manage to put 3 houses into 1, and it does not fit too well. It is a bit of a breeze for Rowing Man, as he escapes each day to work, someone else does all the organising and sorting for him, easy peasy! As I write he has just taken off to put another coat of paint  on the walls of the garage/shop - good man! Me I am sitting up in bed with a cuppa writing this post. Waaaaaaaaay to cold to get up yet!!

The first time I got up this morning it was -,  YES minus, that is below zero; -9C. Now that is pretty darn cold in anyone's books. But the sun is now shining and it will warm up pretty quickly. To be honest it doesn't actually feel that cold. 

yep, this is the inside of the window!!!

On Wednesday I went to visit my sister who was holidaying in Cromwell . Over the Lindis Pass, which was ever so pretty, but oh so treacherous. OOPS, can't show the photo, I have been on here so long the battery in my camera has just died, but trust me, it was pretty spectacular.

Anyway, I bought these;

good solid (summer, well definitely not winter)  shoes for the Twizel stony footpaths; and when I got back to Twizel, I bought this...

I have just the spot for this, Rowing Man commented that we didn't have any lamps about, that is because in our current holiday home we have ten thousand down lights, of which any number can be on or off, ... and besides all our lamps are packed away in boxes!

 So, despite all the melt-downing, these got finished (well started and finished)...

 and this was loaded up, and I did quite a bit on Tuesday evening,  was going along swimmingly until the top thread broke, and I put my hand underneath to cut the bobbin thread, and touched a whole mess of tangled threads, ... tension problems, so that was a lot of unpicking to do - got to bed at 2am that night!

Oh well, it is now Sunday after all and the beginning of a new week, the sun is shining, I can hear a birdie chirping, the day is well into the morn, so up I must get and off to paint!!!

Have a great week!

(this new blogger thingee is a bit of a pain in the butt ... it has taken absolutely forever to do this post, and uploading photos and moving them around... uuurghrhr!!, and then my font keeps changing... hmmm 'spect I will get used to it)


By Hoki Quilts said...

OMG, I too would be staying in bed (forever) in that temperature. Over this side of the hill we have glorious sunshine.
Give it another month sweetie and you'll feel a lot less harrassed and have a wee bit more room. By then your shelves should be bursting and have tons of customers. Keep smiling.
those shoes look really comfy for summer walks.

Chookyblue...... said...

I would be staying in bed too if that was the inside of the window........

Cardygirl said...

Hope life is a bit less challenging this week! i would stay in bed too!

scraphappy said...

Good luck with getting it all organized. Maybe by the time the frost melts it will all come together.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Shiree!!!

I was wondering who "The Rowan Tree" was! AND IT'S YOU!!!! Twist on 'Rowing Man?' :-)

Ahh darlin' I remember those good old days in England with ice on the inside of the windows and staying in bed for hours on the weekend! It's a lovely cool air though isn't it, lovely to breathe and smells so nice?

Shoes are drop dead gorgeous! Lamp is to die for! I love Tiffany lamps... have had one on m wish list for many years! LOL

Fantastic finishes sweetie, and I'm sure it won't take long to master the long-arm (is that the technical name?)... you're doing a grand job - we need to make mistakes to learn... it's all good stuff!

Big cozy warm hugs!
Vikki xo :-)

kiwicarole said...

OMG! I can't believe that's the inside of the window!!!

Things are certainly looking exciting!
Love new look blog too x

Marls said...

Hope the coming week is less stressful. Hope the day warmed up -lovely sunshine here. Bit cold for being in garage painting!! Love the finished projects.
I agree that the new blog designs take a bit of getting used to!

Maree: said...

Oh must be Frustrating..but there is light at the end of the tunnel...Your Shop!
Can't wait for you to have it up and running...sorry to hear of your Meltdown..must be the month for this week is a better one for you...hang in there dear.

Bev C said...

Hello Shiree, Just think you will soon be bidding the builders goodbye and then those boxes will be unpacked and you will be busy cutting fabric. Glad you were able to unpick the threads. Stay warm.

aussiequilter said...

hi Shiree-OMG how do you cope with that cold!!!! Can't wait to see the progress on your shop cheers Teri

Sue-Anne said...

I've been whinging about the cold here but nowhere near what you are experiencing, I don't blame you for not wanting to get out of bed!
I love your lamp, its' gorgeous.

suzitee said...

Hang in there Shiree, it will all be worth it in the end. This cold is not helping anything...and we arn't NEARLY as cold as you are! Sending happy vibes for a fantastic week!