Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday business..

Been quite a busy Monday really, this is the first Monday that we have had at home AND where Rowing Man has not been otherwise engaged, so we made the most of it!

Not quite sure if I have mentioned or not, but we have youngest daughter home from her exchange tour of Denmark.  She has been away there since the begining of January and will be staying with us (Yep in the teeny tiny house!!!) until she heads off to polytech or varsity at the beginging of the next academic year early next year, she is thinking about art and design school.

So... we got lots done today, pictures and art hung on the walls, rubbish sorted and out, quilts hung up on the shop walls, more fabric folded and shelved, and played around in the shop a bit sorting, and sorting...

coffee at one of the local cafes, keys cut at the hardware store, visit to Placemakers to look at kitchen cabinetry and see what they might have to offer and buy some gibboard for shelves in a cupboard, yummy lunch (homemade leftovers that is) , a bit of quilt piecing, ... quite a bit off the to-do-list, BUT best of all, Rowing Man cooked tea!!! 

 So ealrier today I played a bit with this fabric,


and cut and placed, and played, 

and ended up with this,


still not all together, but tomorrow IS another day


suzitee said...

What a wonderfully productive day Shiree! I've been playing with my Gardeners Journal quilt today...feels good to be a bit on top of things for a change :) Hope the rest of your week is just as good xxx

By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh Shiree, things are looking really good and how wonderful to be able to share this time with your daughter. I sure wants she starts varsity your teeny tiny house will be more than comfortable. Will you still go ahead with the shop that is being built?
Oooo, a man that cooks - lucky you : ))

Michelle Gaut said...

Well done, Things look fabulous.
A productive day Huh??
happy sewing tomorrow.

Bev C said...

Hello Shiree,

It all looks great Shiree,glad you got some sewing time.
Happy days.

Micki said...

I love what you did with the fabric!

Farm Girl said...

You sure can acheive a lot in one day, love the new quilt top - those Rural Jardin fabrics are gorgeous.

Cardygirl said...

The shop is looking great...nice to have your daughter home!

Sue-Anne said...

Sounds like you have been very busy Shiree. Dont you just love that range of fabric. Your quilt looks wonderful so far.