Sunday, July 31, 2011


over halfway through the year, unbelievable really. And what is more unbelievable is the weather we are having.. one day very sunny, then a cold snap, then more sun..... and NO SNOW! The local ski-fields are looking rather bare and patchy, and could do with a few good snow dumps. Our season ski passes have been used once, although we are planning on a day skiing tomorrow. Win some loose some I guess, and truth be told, I am really really looking forward to nice warm weather.
So a few finishes this month, a few Christmas pressies to tuck away for a few more months.
I managed to put this quilt together in less then a week, on a cold Friday I sat in front of the fire and pieced, then quilted, and finally the bindings went on Thursday night. This is quite a big quilt, and used a jelly roll that I have had in the stash for sometime - result of bad roads in Canada a few years ago forcing us to stop at a quilt shop!
and binding attached to this also, and it is now gracing a spare bedroom wall,
and this small wall quilt done and dusted - much prettier in real life honest!
.....and I have finished my June Block (#6)  for Imperial Blooms,
I am now lurking by the mailbox waiting patiently (NOT) for # 7. I am so loving these blocks, have I told you that, they are fabulous to work with and such fun!
I thought I had another finish, but it must be a figment of my imagination, which at times is rather vivid,
I will leave you with that thought, and go grab a much needed coffee,
Enjoy your Sunday!

just for you Miss D!!

I even took it down and hung it on the trailer outside so you could get a good piccie... enjoy your cruise!
p.s. I took this quilt outside yesterday to get a photo in good light, forgot about it and it stayed out overnight - it is now frozen solid!!! I Need to leave it in the sun today to thaw out...OOOPS!


By Hoki Quilts said...

OK I'll burst your bubble - that figment of your imagination is 'age' sweety, but it sounds better so I might hav to start using it myself. Love the jelly roll quilt, you have been busy ; ))

Allie said...

GORGEOUS quilt!!! I'll keep that in mind if I get another jelly roll, I love it. I love your small quilts too, especially the blue one, that is stunning! The block for Imperial Blooms is wonderful too - your blog is full of eye candy today, girl!

suzitee said...'ve been a busy girl Shiree!

Erilyn said...

I recognise the jelly roll fabric! I bought them in charm squares, was going to make it for us (it is rather sweet) but I think it has to be made up for someone else now :-( Perhaps I can make it in such a way that I still get my quilt from at least one pack of charm squares!

Deb said...

What a busy beaver. Loving all your finishs hun. Could you show us a photo of the black, red and white one on the wall, I'd love to see all of it.

Maree: said...

Lovely Finishes...Especially the Jelly Roll Quilt...Very Pretty..

Mickie said...

Your quilts are wonderful, you really inspire me!!!! I just love your site! great work and wish you snow,,,if that is what you want :D
Hugs, Mickie

Anonymous said...

Nothing is better on cold days than getting to sew. Especially by the fireside. We are still in the hot hot summer and I will be welcoming a change of weather when it finally arrives. Good looking stitching you have there. :0

Anonymous said...

Sandy what a lovely lot of projects finished,well done

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I agree with have finishes some lovely projects..

Anonymous said...

oops,gee it is beautiful,well done