Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Thursday is quilt group day every week, we meet at the local Church hall and sit and stitch the day away, on whatever projects we happen to be working on.
Thursday is also Op Shop day, so when the shop opens, right next door to the Church hall, pretty much right on the dot of 1pm, several of us march across and hunt for bargains. Yesterday was $2 bag day, that means anything and everything that you can get into a shopping bag is$2.... so did I get some bargains or what!
 some lovely cream lacy pillowslips ... will these need ironing? I wonder...
 and this pretty little white lace knit cardigan, can you see the delightful rosebud buttons... keep your eyes peeled to see what I do with this!
 and these gorgeous beads.. (currently on a t-shirt, but not for long),
the photo doesn't do this taupe cushion cover any justice, but I think if I add some beading & stitching embellishments, it will look just grand,
 not sure what I might do with this scarf and thingee, so into the later box this will go for the moment,
however, I do have a use for this linen tablecloth,
and I really like this buckle on the cute wee top,
this looks like a good basket to hold my stitching goodies,
and I am sure I will use this in the shop or studio as storage..
 this layer-cake is what I am currently working on,
and Ellie managed to unravel this jelly roll so guess I am using this one up now too... now can the question is, can I get this done before the end of the month??

p.s. another post that was 'sposed to be on Thursday but blogger wouldn't let me publish - fingers crossed it will work now!


Kate said...

I have 2 of the linen tablecloths you found so I'll be watching to see what magic you create with them, mine are past their use by date :)

Suedio said...

That's a great bag of goodies, Shiree. Looking forward to seeing how you re-purpose them.

Regards, Sue

By Hoki Quilts said...

Hells bells sweetie, what an amazing op shop you have there, I am green with envy at all the treasures you got - well done.

Susan said...

Lots of lovely bargains there - love the big basket (how many baskets does one stitcher need???). Your Thursdays sound wonderful.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Gorgeous goodies :-)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Thursday and all the op shop finds are beautiful. I will be interested to see what changes you make to them.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Wow what wonderful treasures you found at the op shop. Love them all. Hugs Judy

Allie said...

Dang girl, now I have the thrift bug - you found some wonderful treasures!

carole brungar said...

I'm loving your op shop finds, think you did well there!
Hope you're having a sunny weekend :)

Elyte said...

A very productive shopping day. I can almost hear those creative cogs turning and planning and turning and planning.