Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Candy Girl

YAY... this is my version of Candy Girl by Janelle Wind,
 spent the evening stitching on the binding
 oooh wonky stitching... unpicking a bit then..
 yummy yummy lollipops
 and more... joined by a butterfly or 2
 flitting among the flowers.. one might think that spring could well be approaching ... hmmm not with all the rain we have had lately - but it is working for my quilt!
 hand sew the binding down..
 lots of fabulous stripes
 and hey presto... a bit if tele watching to while away the time...
and it is all done. Another WIP/UFO/PHD done and dusted!
What are you up to then?


Deb Robertson said...

This is awesome, I want to see more!!!!!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Good on you Shiree, I too am in UFO finish mode - mind you as fast as I'm finishing them I'm starting others *wink*.

homegirl said...

That is such a pretty quilt!!!
I have been working on UFO's of the xstitch kind, there are not enough hours in the day !!!

Schulz Family said...

Fantastic. I love the quilted butterflies. Karen

marina said...

absolutely gorgeous!
Love the butterflies in the quilting, so perfect and the binding looks so great.
Well done on your finish

suzitee said...

Can we see a pic of the whole quilt Shiree? Pretty please?
I'm working on WIPS so that I can start Scandinavian Rose...trying to be a good girl :)

Roz said...

love it!