Wednesday, October 10, 2012

playing catch up...

seems to be the story of my life of late, I thought it might be interesting to play along with "photo a day October, and I am sure it is, however, just a little time consuming...anyway let's get on with it
day 3: this happened today
actually I cannot really remember what happened last Wednesday, I did work in my quilt shop, and I did work  on some customer quilts...however... I cannot find my camera (panasonic Lumix), right now so will make do with these snaps...from my Canon (which I don't use near enough!)
 day 4: what you read
 Day 5: shadows
 autumn shadows, photos taken a while back  now...
 this one was more recent, love the way the tree branches are falling onto this quilt
 and....well this one certainly is my second shadow a lot of the time
 Day 7: light ... new light fittings for the lounge in our new home...lying down in a safe place.. on the current lounge sofas. Can't really see too well here... but they are rather funky
and this pic (below), could be either light or Day 8: Angle - La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, stunning architecture
 and the attic space in Casa La Predrero - also in Barcelona
 Day 9: red like my favourite chair
or the candelabra on my bedroom dresser
or these 2 gorgeous books...
phew... almost caught up. Now onto day 10... tomorrow!

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Susan said...

The shed photo is my favourite...just gorgeous. And your light fittings are awesome. Please post a pic when they are installed.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Love all your pics and that red chair - whew, it's gorgeous.
Have a great day

marina said...

wonderful photos, love the pic of your girly curled up. The colours in her coat look like silk.