Monday, September 29, 2008

back from holiday...

Well, holiday over, but it was absolutely GREAT!!! I just love travelling and seeing different parts of the world, different people and sights etc. Romania was very different from Croatia, both in people, and the landscape. We did enjoy both I would have to say, but certainly the cycling and cruise tour in Croatia was a bonus. We met some really wonderful people who just made our holiday that little bit extra special and enjoyable.

...this photo is of Count Vlad's Castle in Transylvania - this was so pretty and not at all what one might expect for Dracula to be living in. OH the romanticism of it all. and a pretty little village also where they had a market selling lots of local souvenirs.

and what could be more perfect and peaceful then this shot!!

We walked the old town wall of Dubrovnik, the heavens opened up for us at the worst time possible, and we got absolutely drenched, however, it was not so cold, so we dried off pretty quickly। ..the only rain for the entire holiday - not too bad.

... and of course, time for stitching for my secret angel...

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