Monday, October 6, 2008

well, ... the days are passing by so quickly indeed, another weekend has come and gone, and back into the working week. I so wanted a sleep in on Saturday, but my dearly beloved would not let me rest, and we were up early me for a gym session with my personal trainer, and Tim was off on the harbour rowing

It has only been a week since we have been back from our holiday, but I have been busy reliving the memories by showing off our photos to everyone, workmates, parents, friends, quilting group,...
It has been real fun sorting thru them and putting them in an album.

It was our friend Pete's 60th birthday over the weekend, and we helped him celebrate. we travelled to this lovely old homestead where we had a terrific lunch,

and then we walked around this lovely old garden...

Several of us then stayed on for a light evening meal, and stayed the night, sitting up talking to the wee small hours.

...not too much stitching done this weekend, so I have heaps to catch up on, but I did manage this for my stitching angel॥ I do hope that she will enjoy it!

and of course there are other goodies as well, I really need to get these in the post this week! She does like blue she says, but then so do I!

Until next time, have fun all,


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