Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dusky Trail bike ride

well, what a weekend! and a lot of fun!!

We started the weekend with a long promised sleep in - well at least 'til 7.30am, but that is a good sleep in for us॥ then we drove to Clyde (2hrs) and biked the millennium Trail from Clyde to Alexandra - a nice cruisy bike ride,

and a good warm up for Tim's row on the Sunday - 17km from Cromwell to Clyde.

He was not smiling quite so much at then end I can tell you -

anyway this is the view from the Dusky Trail summit, worth the bike ride up really.. quite spectacular। This was Monday's effort..

and this is 3 of us at the summit on a lollie stop! Gotta have that sugar fix huh.
It was hard at work today - wanted to be outside in the garden, it was such a lovely day, although likely not the best place for me as wearing that muscle back top, I got my shoulders sunkissed! so just a little pink - will be lovely and tanned tomorrow. that is Karl with his back to us - He does not like his photo taken..

I have spent the evening tracing out some stitching, although I have just looked at Helen's (hugsnkisses) blog ( I need to learn how to hyperlink these??) and she has just released some amazing patterns - can't wait for these patterns! They have some lovely 3D flowers that are just so so cute...

well, it is late Tuesday night now, and it was such an early start leaving Twizel at 4.45am, for the 3 hr drive home to start work at 8AM, but certainly worth the extra effort to spend another relaxing night and a great way to end a wonderful weekend - back to work for a rest now - (HAHA) - roll on 3 day weekends tho, I am really a great fan of that idea.

Catch ya later,

cheers, Shiree

p.s। just checked my e-mail, and my stitching angel has just posted my parcel from America - oooh how exciting, I cannot wait and will be checking my mail box eagerly!!! Thank you angel!! Also cannot wait to see who you are... if it was not so late I might be tempted to check thru those blog sites yet again.

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