Friday, October 24, 2008

yay for long weekends!

I am so glad to have got to today.. it has been a really very long and busy week indeed. Working full time, keeping up with builders, house renovations,gym,gardening, blog land, housework, stitching, sewing, schedules,.. just takes one's breath away. So I really am looking forward to the weekend to having a catch up, best of all is my planned sleep in for tomorrow - I am very likely to wake up at the usual time - 5.30am ish, but I simply do not have to get up which is the best bit. And if I feel like it, then I may grab the morning newspaper, a cup of tea.. and just ENJOY!!! and I know just the spot!

We are heading away for the long weekend (Labour Weekend in NZ), but we are not off until mid-morning tomorrow. So I have tonight to get my stitching to take away organised. I am really lucky that I can stitch when we travel, in fact I get quite bored and agitated sitting in the car doing nothing. So I need to make sure that I have enough plus a little extra to take with me. Heaven forbid that I should run out before the weekend is over. Although, it may give me some time to catch up on some reading..

I should be able to find something from this pile..

My garden is looking slightly better this week, after some serious attention last weekend and during the evenings this week. It is so good to have daylight saving, and get more time for being outdoors in the evening. Still quite a bit to do 'tho, and I have decided to pull out and redo a whole bed area.. not quite sure how I will redo, still considering.

It really is rather lovely 'tho as we are into late spring now, and the garden is looking great. These are the last of the spring tulips..

We have a rhododendron festival locally in the next few weeks, so lots of garden type things to do and see, ....

..and talking 'bout gardening. maybe that' where I should be now, ... have fun - I will!!


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