Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainbows 'n' things

I saw this on Deb's blog and it looked like it might be fun,

She saw this at
Jo of Tas:

- so my rainbow is intensely shaded yellow, white, and blue.

What this says about me: "You are a tranquil person. You appreciate quiet moments. People depend on you to make them feel secure. You're good at getting people to like you".

I did this twice, this first time I shut it down without saving the attributes, then had to do it all over again and obviously did it slightly differently as I got a slightly different answer, all in good fun huh!

Find the colors of your rainbow at

so try it out - what are you then?

Well there are certainly no rainbows in the sky here - it is pelting down one minute then a little bit of blue sky peaks thru, and then raining cats and dogs again. Apparently the met service is issuing storm warnings, with very high winds, particularly along the coast. And there are snow warnings down to 500m. Lovely weekend ahead of us, which is not really what we want at this time of the year - just a bit early!

Rowing man and I have a medical student from the UK staying with us at the moment seeing what rural general practice is about, so he is second shadow to rowing man for the time that he is here. Actually I think he has graduated but not yet practicing, so technically not really a med student. A very nice young man, and very bright! That will keep rowing man on his toes then or at the very least on the right end of his stethoscope!

Anyway, we plan to take him to Twizel for the weekend, and hope to go through to Mt Cook for the day, weather permitting - it is not always possible to get a good view of Mt Cook - as the mountain is often shrouded in mist. There are a lot of good walks up that way, and with luck we will trek one of them on Saturday. Wish us luck!

Rowing man and I were really fortunate to have a helicopter ride up the mountain in the week prior to Christmas - a trip that we won when we did the Dusky Trail Mountain Bike Trail at Labour weekend last October.. and there had been a fresh dump of snow that week, so it was absolutely magical -

see our snow angels.....

My youngest daughter, Janet, arrives from Perth tomorrow evening, for the much anticipated engagement party of rowing boy and fiancee Christelle, this big event is on Saturday 21st March, preceded by a big family dinner on the Friday evening prior. It is a pretty big do (the party) with about 160 people coming along, (50 odd attending the dinner), so it should be a lot of fun, and it will be really good to celebrate this with so many of our family & friends.

No progress photos tonite, it is lateish, and I have promised myself early nights this week - (haven't gotten around to taking any photos truth be known, and I am a bit too lazy to get up and do it now), actually been quite tired over this week burning the candle at both ends- work is busy, home is busy, life is just busy - but ain't that great!

Have finished off some little projects, so next time will show you some sneak peeks, and add them to my OPAM challenge list.

catch ya later, have fun!



cakegirl said...

You have had a very busy week and much more excitement to come. I am surprised you were able to post as lengthy a piece as this.
The weather here is CRAZY! Yesterday it was 63 degrees and today it is below freezing with a wind chill of 9degrees. That is bone chilling cold. And high winds. Over the weekend we had flood warnings. We leave for Spring break March 22 and I can't wait - it's on to sunny Mexico. Thanks for your comments, I love reading them.

Aunt Spicy said...

Wow, you have a lot going on! Good luck with the party, etc. Those photos are fabulous!