Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh dear my bad!

oh dear confession time, and I am feeling so really really bad about this!!!!

I have had a really BIG oops with some recent swap parcels. Oh Dear!! And I was so organised and all.

Tim and I have been tripping up and down between Dunedin and Twizel (3 hr drive on a good day) very frequently, sometime together sometimes alone,

I stayed in Dunedin the other week (that I was to post off several (3) swap gifts), but left part of one of the gifts behind in Twizel, I should have just posted it off anyway, but I decided to wait 'til the Friday evening for Tim to bring it down with him, and I wanted to wrap it nicely, well.... oh I am hanging my head in shame and horror!! - I had stayed in Dunedin for the week to pack up our house as we were moving all our belongings the following week,

When parcel man Tim (AKA Rowing Man), arrived on Friday evening as planned, but too late for the post of course, I duly nicely wrapped the gift, and put it with all the others, and 2 other swap parcels to head to the post, well I got waylaid by my mother - who fractured her arm some months back but is having awful problems with it, and was making the most of having me in town, and heeded to go off to attend to help her with a few errands, the parcels got left on the stairs at home in my haste. Oh all the best laid planes!! ooohhhhh I just cannot believe this...

Anyway - to cut a very long story short so you can read it tonight,... all 3 swap parcels got packed - somewhere in with all the other stuff being packed... and I have been tearing every possible box open, and my hair out trying to find them - but so far no luck, I could have sworn that I left them all together in one corner of the dining room - not to be touched, so that this would not happen! Oh NO NO NO..

So what I am going to do, is tomorrow send off some bits of parcels so that each of the three swap friends (if I can still call them friends) have something, and then start all over again, and get what I can done over the rest of the week and weekend and mail that too on Monday - oh Quelle Horreur!!!

There is no way any of this sounds good at all, and I just don't know how to say sorry enough to my swap partners,

so off to get into gear!

Have you ever done anything like this??? Please say yes, so I don't feel a total "duhhead" all on my lonesome!


teresa said...

OMG that's terrible news - I hope you find them soon in one of those big boxes and put an end to your stress :)

Marls said...

I hope you find those parcels but don't stress. Let your partners(or the swap organiser) know and I'm sure they will understand.
It would take more than that to lose a friendship.
Pour a glass a wine and just chilli out!!

Cardygirl said...

Breathe!!!!! It is okay Shiree...you will find them...too much happening at your place. It isn't fatal...they will just be late. They are there, let the people involved know...they will understand! Hope all is okay with your mum!

Fiesta said...

No this has never happened to me. I am very responsible and ship my swaps on time. I do not claim to have mailed on the 5th, then claim to have lost it, and then leave a comment hoping I receive it soon when it has not even been shipped.
No I do not understand especially when you clearly state it was on the way.

loulee said...

Oh dear Sherri. You know I'm sure you'll be forgiven, everyone knows how stressful it is to move house and how easy it is to forget what went into which box.

Anonymous said...

Ooo Shiree, huge sympathies. I think as long as you let the organiser know what has happened you should be ok.

Moving is stressful- up there in the top 10 of stressful events. I'd go systematically through the boxes marking them with an x or something as soon as I could as it would so bug me. Have you checked obvious places like the car or under something like sheets?

Chookyblue...... said...

keep looking but start stitching you will be fine.........thanks for the email..........

Sew Useful Designs said...

Awww darling girl! I am sure your friends will understand, there is just SO much going on when you move house... and not to mention catching up with friends and family before you head off etc. I'm sure your partners will understand. I feel for you! Take a deep breath darling!

Hugs! Vikki xoxo

By Hoki Quilts said...

You know what, s... happens and what if something is late, better late than never. So just carry on carrying on, you can't do anything about it except continue looking inbetween unpacking. We have moved so many times and it never goes according to plan, and something always gets lost in one of the boxes (usually the kettle, coffee and mugs).
It's not the end of the world, just do what you can - and smile!

Deb said...

Oh dear poor you! Hopefully your bloggy friends will have patience. Good luck with the stitching xx