Friday, November 20, 2009

We live in Tiwzel now

.....look what arrived at our new home (previously our holiday house) on Wednesday - containing most of our furniture and worldly goodies. (still all the outdoor furniture, garden pots etc to come yet). We packed our home up most of the day Tuesday, loaded up truck, trailer and car, and tootled off to Twizel later on Tuesday afternoon, followed by this truck early on Wednesday morning

The moving men were so fantastic, and just so organised, they had a safe place for everything, and I was amazed at how tightly packed, and well protected our "things" were. So now we have lots of these to unpack and sort, and sort, and find homes for... anybody out there good at this??

although I do not know why I say we, as it is very much a "me" thing. Rowing has very kindly excused himself from the task, and headed off to work. Well someone has to earn a dollar I say! Bring home the bacon, and all that other stuff that breadwinners do so very well - now that I am unemployed, not working, a SAHP - which is really a very good thing as that gives me lots of time for ... you guessed it! Quilting 'n' stuff!!

but slowly getting there, one corner of the lounge is starting to look a bit more organised, and that is more then just wishful thinking on my part.

CAn you see the dress hanging from the doorway top right, (well skirt and bodice), that is what I am wearing to the Oamaru Heritage Ball this evening, we go every year with a small group of friends, and it is soooooo much fun, will post about that next week.

But wait! There is more....

yesterday, Rowing man brought this parcel home from work (current postal address owing to the fact that we do not have a letter box in Twizel - on the list of things to do along with garden shed, trellis to screen off the hot tub, and sundry other tasks which just seem way to many to mentions ... or contemplate ). Anyway, I digress...

inside the post box were these delightful goodies... which are from the Advent Swap, my swap buddy, Betsy, has forwarded over all these delicious pretty parcels, all numbered, and one a day to be opened beginning on Dec 1st. Look at the delightful way that Betsy has numbered all these parcels... isn't she just the cleverest

Oh what fun and anticipation!!

BUT.. I am not so clever, I was so totally organised and had everything sorted, BUT 2 of my swap parcels which are to be posted, have been packed, and I am pulling my hair out as well as stuff out of boxes to find them!!! HRRMPH!!

They gotta be here somewhere.....

have fun!


Simone de Klerk said...

Good luck with unpacking all those boxes. Hope you get organized soon and ... find those parcels. That must be so frustrating.
Have a lovely weekend.

Fiesta said...

I am glad you finally made the move. I can't wait to receive my package soon. It is just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

I hope you find the parcels. Good luck!
Yes there is so much to organise when you move house like change of addy for utilities etc. as well all those boxes. I hope you have lots of fun rediscovering your things.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Congratulations on your 'move' Shiree!!!! How exciting!!! :-)

Can't wait to see pics of your lovely gown - it looks stunning on the door - but probably not as stunning as it did on you! LOL...

Lots of love sweetie - enjoy your new home!

Hugs! Vikki xoxo