Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Advent Christmas Swap

These are the wonderful gifts that Betsy sent to me for the Christmas Advent Swap organised by Jo and Fiona.

look at all these goodies will you!

My parcel to Betsy was unfortunately late, and never got to Betsy on time for the opening of the swap on Dec 1st. I was absolutely mortified as I misplaced my swap parcels when we moved - how tardy of me! I am so so sorry Betsy. Fiona suggested that I wait until Betsy let me know when her parcel arrived, and then we could open them together. What a marvel that Fiona, great idea! I have had a short e-mail from Betsy saying that her parcel did arrive, but I have not heard anything more from her. It is a very busy time of year!

This is the amazing table runner that Betsy made - super gorgeous huh! She is such a clever lady

and this is the table runner that I sent to Betsy

Anyway, I so wanted to thank Betsy for her amazing gifts, they are so wonderful, and she has been most generous. I can only hope that she is half as happy with the gifts that I sent her.

Enjoy your Christmas Betsy, and everyone else - have a fabulous time with your families, friends and loved ones,

Merry Christmas all,


Deb said...

Lovely gifts Shiree, I hope Betsy lets you know soon her parcel has arrived. It is a bit tardy of her to not tell you, makes you worry even more.
Come on Betsy-roll up.

hugs Deb

By Hoki Quilts said...

Wow, what a great parcel and the cathedral windows look like cranberry gems. It's pretty slack of Betsy not to get back to you though, maybe her message is floating in cyberspace along with some that I was supposed to have received.

Kim said...

Cathedral Windows looks complicated to me, but very very pretty. Betsy did send several nice things to you. It's always a leap of faith to put things in a package and hand them off so I hope you know soon if your package reached it's destination.

Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts Betsy sent you- so much to pour over and the train is so sweet. Love the cathedrals. A friend gave me a carrier bag with a half finished cathedrals project in so I think I ought to learn how to sew them. LOL

Yes it is such a busy time of year- maybe Betsy is staying with relatives or has saved your present for under the tree as the day is so close?

Julz said...

Fantastic goodies from Betsy. She will love your goodies for sure - don't stress! Hugs Jx

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely presents for you, Shiree. You received a lovely tablerunner AND you made a wonderful one too! How very sweet with that falling present.

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeous bits & pieces!

Micki said...

Those are lovely gifts Shiree! I know Betsy will love yours too, so don't worry about that. Have a Happy Christmas!

Fiesta said...

I did not receive a 25th gift so unlike you I was not able to open anything today.
I had emailed you several times about this but you have ignored my emails. I am glad you enjoyed my gifts especially the cathedral windows that I worked my fingers to the bone for. Your gifts were leftovers from your sewing room, many scratched, rusted and unserviceable. Unfortunately I did not take a picture so my cyber friends could see the horror.

Deb said...

oMG, Shiree I was so upset to read the comment that Betsy left you about the swap gifts. Talk about rude, I can't believe a fellow blogger would speak like that about gifts she has received. I apologise on her behalf, absolutely no excuses. When you sign up for a swap it is common courtesy to say thank you for the gifts whether or not you like them. You certainly don't slay the giver as every person gives from the heart. Okay sometimes we may receive gifts we don't really like or aren't us but never should we be so rude. I think she is just angry, don't worry, we know how lovely your work is and how you would never give a person something you don't like yourself, like all bloggers.
I must admit though how convienent that Betsy didn't take photos.
Please don't let this incident leave an unsavoury taste in your mouth towards future swap. This is a one off I can assure you.

Stephanie said...

It's a busy time of year and I'm playing catch up. I just saw the comment Betsy left. I so dislike nasty comments. I hope she appreciates the gifts you sent. I know you do lovely work. Enjoy your gifts and ignore unkind bloggers.

Hannele said...

Oh, the cathedral window table runner is really gorgeous!

Cath Ü said...

a blogger friend just bought this to my attention... how rude of some people..... I have had quite a few horror swaps and I just haven't been in any for about two years, but I bit the bullet and entered one on Snicker Doodle Dreams and it has revived my faith in swaps again... I received gorgeous things... I would never say something horrid to someone for the gift they sent to me.. not even to them privately..... but to announce it to the world.. bad manners......

don't let this get you down..... I was actually reading your blog the other morning but didn't go in to read the comments.....

Hope you have a lovely 2010..
Cath Ü

Magalis Marisol said...

Hola amiga!!!
Me encantan las Ventanitas de Catedral!!!!
Te invito a visitarme en Edredones de Patchwork y Algo más!!!
Que Dios te Bendiga Hoy y Siempre y un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela!!!!