Friday, May 20, 2011

hello again..

 it feels like it has been such a long time since I have been here, and so much has happened, what a busy life!

I have been rather busy in the shop ... which is a very good thing. Lots of goodies arriving which need unpacking, sorting and shelving. Pom Pom de Paris fabric arrived yesterday, so need to get that on the website, and send out the orders.
and I have been busy getting a customers' quilt finished for her daughter's 21st which is this Saturday, binding went on last night while I was at book club... something I don't seem to do too much of lately,.. reading that is. Anyway, the quilt is all ready for pick up this morning.
and then there are about 4 or 5 customer quilts sitting waiting which I will get started on this weekend (we won't mention the stack of my own quilts that I have sitting waiting either)

and finally I have made a start on Imperial Blooms, Sue Spargo's 2011 BOM, I am loving it, fantastic stuff. I have 4 blocks and #5 should be arriving any day now! These wools are so lovely to work with, and the threads... OMG... they are just so gorgeous!
and tonight is the Friday NIght Sew In, these are great night to put aside just for sewing, stitiching, quilting... whatever takes your fancy really. Go here to sign up, and then check out everyone's blog tomorrow to see what they have been up to. I think that I will do a bit more on my Sue Spargo blocks, they are really talking to me right now... and I am having so much fun with them!
and I shall simply have  to share some photos of the tramping that we did last week, FABULOUS... and great for the soul, and really blew out some cobwebs, altho' we did get rather wet.. more in a later post then

have a fabulous Friday!


marina said...

there is never enough time for everything!
Your Imperial Blooms look really interesting, the wools look so different.
Will look forward to your 'tramping' photos.
Enjoy your FNSI

Allie said...

OH what yummy fabric!!! Shiree, get some books on cd to listen to while you sew - it's the only way I get to read anymore, lol. Especially for hand-stitching. I LOVE your Sue Spargo blocks!

Cardygirl said...

The shop looks busy & fun...nice fabrics & lots of creativity. I like the look of the trekkers!