Tuesday, May 24, 2011

St James Walkway

 well I did promise you more photos of last weeks tramp on the St James Walkway in the back of Lewis Pass/Hanmer Springs area.We started on our road trek from Twizel, and first stop was lunch at Mrs Easy Peasy's (aka Jo Seager - wonderful NZ cook for all you non-Kiwis),
and then a browse around the local shops and art gallery.. then back on the road. We stayed in a a garden room at the Heritage Hotel in Hanmer, very nice but grossley over-rated and over priced for what it was. And the  most hideous meal at Robbie's garden Bar - the service was absolutely non-existant - however...
..it was a fabulous 5 day 4 night hike through beech forests and open clearings,
 mildly up and down so not too exerting, but we walked about 5 - 6 hrs a day, stopping where we wanted to look at the scenery,
 boil up the billie and have lunch, take photos, shelter from the rain, ... yes we got very wet every day.
That just made getting to the huts and getting dry and warm by the fire a very pleasnat experience indeed, long nights in front of a blazing fire, a little bit of reading, some stitching, and lots of chatting with our companions.
We were the only ones we saw on the trek other then a couple from Christchurch on the very last night at the Boyle river hut. Solitude - well for the 4 of us anyway.
managed to get a shot of these beauties in flight ... after we scared them off (unintentionally that is).. every 3rd step was over duck poo or geese poo, amazing how much output they have! ...and the wild pigs make a right royal mess foraging for sweet roots around many  of the trees..
 and lots of fungus, so many varities, even purple, and the most deliciously gorgeous black cabbage rose one that I missed getting a photo of... but I have committed it to memory and feel a needlework coming on.. with  maybe some beading embellishment mayhaps.

The last day was particularly wet, raining all day long. YAY for long hot showers when we got back to the hotel,... it was such a fun week! So good for the soul... I hope you are having a fab week too
.... and yes I did stitch... not sure what I will do with this.. any ideas??I do love working with Pam's threads, they are delightful



marina said...

lovely photos. Your stitchery looks great. I like the variegated thread.
Your stitchery might make a lovely cushion with some William Morris fabrics?

The Old Dairy said...

The treking looks wonderful. NZ is next on my list for a holiday..Great photos..

Allie said...

That scenery is just too gorgeous - oh my. I would LOVE to trek there. Your stitchery is beautiful too, I'm thinking cushion cover too!

Lorraine said...

you make walking for 6 hours in the rain something I would LOVE to do! the scenery looks amazing!! thanks for sharing ......have never been to NZ but you have made me want to get over there!

Elyte said...

What a wonderful way to recharge the batteries. Good company, lots of exercise and beautiful scenery.

Karen Schulz said...

Hi Sheree. great meeting you at Lesley's on Friday. Hope you had a good trip home. Is the Anne Saddle hut rebuilt? It burnt down a year ago and they had said it could take over a year to rebuild. We have put off taking the kids as it is too much weight taking a tent as well as them!!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

fabulous meeting you too Karen! It was a great and much needed break away from Twizel for me, so lovely of Lesley to host us all.

yes the Anne River hut did burn down, however they have just finished rebuilding it, and it is a fabulous new hut, the walk would be great for a family hike, as it is not really too onerous, and such beautiful scenery, we had a wonderful time, altho it rained every day and we did get rather wet.