Monday, January 10, 2011

look what the postie brought...

these arrived in the post this morning,

  and this too....

so I pulled a few of these together.. 

 and I as already have these fabrics sitting on a shelf in my shop, it was pretty easy..

 a customer sent an e-mail enquiry jst before Christmas,  asking about these fabrics and a particular BOM that she was keen on,

 so being the obliging person that I am, (well most of the time??)

I ordered the pattern... and several others
                                   these fabrics are all looking pretty good right about now

 so tomorrow, (after I have been to Christchurch for a coofee with Miss D), I am making up a kit for this lady for this BOM, Life is Beautiful by Helen Stubbings, (you can follow the progress of many other doing this BOM here )

 I kinda think that I might just do it myself too.... like I need another project, but I sure would love all that stitching!

 hmmmm..... what's a stitching gal to do I ask?


Susan said...

I love that quilt - but like you I do not NEED that quilt - but I am interested to see if you were able to just buy the pattern?? Is that because you are a shop?? and are you able to just sell the pattern without doing it as a BOM?? (it could go on 2012 list since 2011 is more than overloaded!)

suzitee said...

Ummm...should I answer that honestly? Hahahahahaha...go for it Shiree, just keep working on your Gardeners Journal stitch-a-long as well :) because I want to see what you're up to with it!

Cardygirl said...

Looks good!