Sunday, January 9, 2011


 I have never been much of an op shopper, but I have taken quite a penchant of late for browsing in these "junk" shops, peering, and poking,sifting and sorting thru....

and yesterday I visited our local  such shop, and came home with these,

I thought that this chair might tidy up and be quite useful, as well as this little wall cupboard, I am not sure if I will leave the door on, or maybe remove it and just use them as shelves  - maybe in the kitchen, and the embroidered linen table cloth, well that was in such good shape that I couldn't leave that behind now could I? 

and I picked up this bedhead, perfect!! It is quite big and chunky, I haven't decided if I am going to leave it like this or paint it white, what do you think?

and lastly, I picked up this little side table, which again is perfect in the bedroom as a bedside table.

These Twizel houses are really quite tiny, and with most of our stuff still packed away, these will be very useful, and we can just leave them in our house here when we eventually sell and build,

Rowing Man can see the uses that we might have for these, but he has suggested that I not bring home any more crap...oops  I mean treasures,

 have a wonderful Sunday, me, I am off out to the studio to do some quilting


By Hoki Quilts said...

Awesome finds - our local 'pre loved' shops have been well and truly gone over, plus, they are astronomically high in prices. So much so that I may as well buy new which is really sad as I love doing up old things.
Have an awesome day, it's stinking hot here already.

Leeanne said...

I love op shopping too! I got 2 of the most beautiful English bone china tea cups and saucer for $8 each! 2 lovely embroidered doilys.
And because I'm a fan of Bonnie Hunter I have a big collection of cotton shirts...from guess where?

Deb said...

Good finds Miss S. All will be very useful. I think if it was me I would be painting white with a bit of distressing as thats what I am into at present as much as the boy hates it. hehe

clare's craftroom said...

Great scores !There's always room for more treasures .

Anita said...

Hi Shiree, Welcome to the world of Op's fun!!! You found lots of wonderful treasures. Kind regards, Anita.

suzitee said...

Lots of treasures to be found! I would paint the bedhead white I think...but then, given the choice I would paint everything white! LOL
Enjoy your quilting day!

Wendy B said...

wow....i wish we had op shops here like you have there.....ours ARE full of cra*....oops I mean .....'treasures'!!!! heehee
Have fun with the stitching this afternoon!
sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Leanne said...

i love op shopping so many treasures to find. I do like that chair.
Have a great week.