Monday, January 3, 2011

OK lets get this year started...

Myra over at  has issued a challenge to finish your PHD's with, have a look here

This is a 6 month personal challenge, to get moving on projects that have been sitting around for a bit unfinished... now we all have those don't we, go on be honest and put your hand up

I usually join up with Peg and Kris's OPAM challenge, and I will certainly be doing this again this year when sign ups  open up at the end of January, but Myra's challenge caught my eye, and my interest, 'cos it is for 6 months only, so surely I can manage to keep up with that and complete some projects -methinks

So I had a look around my studio, and believe me, I didn't have to look to hard, and found these, which need just a little attention and they will be finished projects!

Like this, I have most of the blocks appliqued, and need to finsih off the stitching  - I started hand stitching these, so need to get back into this, maybe night time might be an ideal time to chug away at this project for a bit,

and lets peek and see what is in this bag, that has been hiding rather well under the quilty machine - these haven't been around for too long, I only started playing with these last winter, there  are 2 quilts in here, both in very soft pastels. One from a jelly roll that I purchased when we were in Canada early in 2009, and the other is a disapearing nine-patch from 2 charm packs, ... I think

and there are 2 quilts here that just need to be finished off with a bit of quilting, and then binding, now that shouldn't be too hard now should it especially with the big quilty machine

 oh and this one is destined for the quilty maching as well and then it is done,

and these 2 as well.....  (hmmm that's 5 to be quilting then)

 this one has been sitting for a bit now, I started this in the begining of 2009 I think, actually it may have been 2008 even,  Brenda ( from my Dunedin Quilting Group - The Garage Ladies) and I both started this at the same time, Brenda has long since finished hers, but sadly mine is still waiting... this is Postcards from Paris designed by Judy Gray from Rose Patchwork Cottage

 and this is Aunt Millie's Garden from  Piece of Cake designs, (I have this pattern available in my shop) another one started some time ago, and not completed, thisis being machine appliqued, and most of the blocks are done, this  quilt is a "quilt-as-you-go, so I am not sure what has been holding me up really. I started this one with Margaret - also of Garage Ladies fame, this was 2009, before we moved here to Twizel,

WOW - that is a grand total of 10 PHD's, not the 6 that I told Myra I had, and that is not counting Gardener's Journal Stitch-along or the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along - for which I have completed all the blocks for both, however, I need to peice them together and add borders, quilt and bind - goodness me - Rowing Man might have to be chief cook and bottle washer for a bit - now that would be a very interestign concept (NOT!)

so what are your plans for this bright New Year then??


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh to have the big quilty machine at my disposal, *sigh*, instead I'l fight my way through the quilts. They may not end up with such pretty designs quilted but at least I'll finally get them done.

Micki said...

Love your projects! Can you direct me where to get that fabric with the writing on it? I just love it!

Cardygirl said...

I am tempted to join you with the Christmas Story! Will let you know!