Friday, February 20, 2009

and how does the garden grow?

well, I did manage to get out in the garden very briefly today before the rain came, and now just look at it! This weather looks like it is really set in, and whilst it is very good for the garden, I am not so sure how we will all manage the 24 hr walking relay starting tomorrow??? We will be wet little bunnies I expect. and will need all the wet weather gear we can find, and I think tHAT will need to go and find the gumboots..

it went from this ..
to this in about 15 minutes...
and now it is getting dark I think that I will head inside, time to get my self ready for tomorrow, I really need to get some stitching organised to take with me for the down time, along with a good book, camp stretcher, sleeping bag, thermos, ..... A girl can never go anywhere without a little something to do... you just never know when you will get a spare minute, and what a shame to waste it.


Fiona said...

Good luck on the relay - Your garden looks very nice.



cakegirl said...

Your garden looks great. Love the lavender. Already joined the Easter Swap at Petticoat Junction. Thanks for passing along the info.

The Pink Poodle said...

OHH! how I would love to see/hear some rain here in melbourne!!

I LOVE lavender..sunflowers & lavender are my 2 x fav flowers..

I envy your gorgeous garden..

xx andrea