Monday, February 16, 2009

Aren't swaps such fun!

I have had just the most wicked time,... I took part in this wonderful swap hosted by Heidi over at, she is the most wonderful swap host. This is the 2nd of her swaps that I have participated in now, her earlier "Very Vintage Christmas Swap"was lots of fun also. Anyway, this parcel arrived from my swap partner Shannon, from California, USA, who does not have a blog unfortunately, so I cannot send you over there to check her out, no mind! This rose box is just so lovely huh..
....and all these lovely goodies inside, the heart shaped soap right in the centre just has such a divine fragrance, and it just wafts all over my lounge room so that you instantly notice it when you walk into the room,And isn't this just too cute, I shall have such a lot of fun finding homes and uses for these I am sure,This is what I sent Shannon, I think that I am safe posting this, as she should have it by now, I do hope that she enjoys opening it as much as I enjoyed opening mine and discovering all the goodies and treasures - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Shannon!

I visited my friend Robyn at the weekend, she has such a lovely garden, her home is a delightful 150 year old farm cottage, and it is just so quiet and peaceful, she gave me these lilies - aren't they just so beautiful.. the photo does not do them justice really, it is quite late at night (half midnight actually) and the light is not really so great to show them off so well.

Rowing man is away for the week, he is spending the week in Twizel - yep - rowing AGAIN! And I always have such trouble getting off to bed and sleep for the first night that he is away! It is the week for the National Championships, so he is off to win some gold. His first race is at 7.25 am, so by the time I get myself settled into work tomorrow morning, he should be at the start line just getting ready to take off.. I think that this race is a singles, but he is also competing in the doubles and quad (4 man) events over the next few days, with the finals on Friday and Saturday. He says that he will be home later n Saturday evening, in time to come and cheer me on as I walk around the track for the Relay for Life - this is a magnificent, fun-filled overnight (24hr) event that brings people from all ages and walks of life together as teams of friends, families, colleagues, sports or community groups and take on the challenge of raising FUNds to raise awareness and celebrate survivorship.

Well, best of to bed if I think that I am going to get up at 6am tomorrow!

Have fun!



Fiona said...

Hi Shiree,

Your swap items are just lovely. It is so much fun receiving goodies especially from another country.

Hugs - Fiona

The Pink Poodle said...

hi shiree...found your blog via lyndas (wee bit of paris) exciting!! have blog friends all over the world...BUT you are the first i have come across from nz..

lovely swap goodies..(still dont know how to work all that kind of stuff out yet!!)..

thanks to the nz firefighters who have come here to help us in melbourne/victoria at the minute..

shall put you in my side bar (we hope)..that is another story..

xx andrea

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Shiree,
You are doing something with such a good cause. I'll have lots of pictures posted for you to see when you get through with your relay.
Love all the gifties you received.
Keep Stitchen'