Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Regatta weekend

my the time does disappear all too quickly, February already.

we had another wonderful weekend in Twizel on the shores of Lake Ruataniwha (which in Maori means 2 monsters).

The lake was built specially for rowing regattas in the 1970's when they were putting in all the canals and hydro electricity dams in the Waitaki Valley. Bit of an eyesore, but they do provide the means for the necessary comforts in life.

Anyway Rowing man was in fine form again this weekend, he that he is a master and competes against young 18-20 year olds. But he manages fine, and was the proud recipient of gold medal this weekend for the club quad event. (we have drawer full of these things!). It was a very close finish! (They are the middle crew - that's rowing man at the back in the grey cap/blue singlet with white stripe -just as they cross the finish line)
He didn't do quite so well in the single sculls however, but he is lucky to have his boat row worhty as when out training the other week, it got rammed by some novices in a double, and sadly was very worse for wear. Thanks to club captain John, who ran a very quick repair job!
hmmmm, I don't seem to be able to upload photos this evening for some reason, and I had some good shots to show you too. I am a bit of a nana at these events, and when not helping with rigging, derigging or getting on or off the water,

I have quite a nice spot right close by the finish line where I sit and stitch. Get quite a bit done really, and I have manged to get 2 little bags and a very nice little cushion

- these are Sally Giblin designs, which she had in a slightly older edition of Patchwork & Stitching, which I believe is an Australian magazine.

And I managed to get a bit more stitching done on my WISP ... my version of Leanne Beasley's Flowers & Flutterbuys. So it may not be as far from being finished as I had thought. Yay!!

I am quite lucky, as I can stitch while we are en route in the car, and it doesn't bother me at all, so this means that I get nearly 3 hours of stitching every time we head to Twizel for the weekend.

Photos uploaded now as you can see!

We are off again this weekend, long one as Friday is Waitaingi Day (New Zealand Day) and thus a public holiday, lovely long weekend to look forward to. T

The Twizel weather has been really lovely, and oh so so hot, temperatures right up at 38-42 degrees, and such a very dry heat also. Later on Saturday afternoon we were all swooning and looking for shade, or shutting ourselves in the house with the air conditioning on!! .


cakegirl said...

Managed to follow my new routine last week and feel very good about the start of this week. Since I am a very early riser, I can easily complete the cleaning, laundry, etc. in the morning. Thanks for your kind response and suggestion. I now feel accountable to someone and that spurs me on. Look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Your stitcheries are beautiful!