Sunday, November 30, 2008

December tomorrow!

well, like most of you, I am asking - where has the year gone huh??

but we are getting closer to Christmas... and that is very exciting. I haven't even stated my Christmas shopping yet, but at least I have ideas in my head about what to but and for whom, so that is the hardest part done. I would like to get some of the shopping done before the shops get to to busy, but also, I like to leave some to the last minute to get that real Christmas feel.

I have been really lucky to have participated in two swap recently - well 3 actually. No 1 was Helen Stibbings Anel Swap - and a very big thank you to my stictching angel - Bonnie Landry of

No 2 was the Vinatge Pink Christmas swap arranged by Jennifer Smith - - and I have posted ny gifts to my swap partner - so I hope that she gets them very soon and enjoys them, it was hard to find vintage in New Zealand, we have so few shops, and those that we do - you need to poke around to find what you maybe looking for, what fun!!!

The 3rd swap is the snowflakes and sparkles swap - organised by Momma Holly -

and again I have just posted off my goodies to America, can't wait til my partner gets these goodies...

on another Christmas note I am sorting thru this basket of fabric to look at what I can do in the next few weeks...

and I have this to work with also....

and this is what my sewing room looks like at them moment with all our house renovations.. the painters come in this week so then maybe can put up the Christmas decorations - YIPPEE!!

and then my dining room can look more like this!
and my pocket book slightly emptier!!!

have fun over the week everyone.

'til later,


Saturday, November 22, 2008

so much to do and so little time!!!

well, it has been such a long time since I have been on here, and just so much has been going on.

We are in the middle of renovations in our lounge area, and there is stuff everywhere, and you know it - one job leads to another to another, it just goes o and on and on, and what seemed to initially be a relatively simple process becomes quite involved. This is the work in progress... so far anyway..


and now...

Still heaps to do, and we are currently waiting on the next phase which is the gib stopper and then the painter.. with stuff everywhere it has been difficult to find the time for stitching etc, this is the sewing room/study - kinda hard to move around in huh

but this

has become this!

Every year we travel an hour up the road to Oamaru and attend the Victorian Heritage Ball, where everyone dresses up in Victorian garb, and we all look lovely and do all the old waltzy dances. Such fun. There is a whole week of celebrations in Oamaru..,

and this is my man - handsome dude huh!!

well, with not too much happening today being a Saturday n all, and handsome dude has left already for a full days rowing at a local regatta, I am off to spend the day (well part of it - as much as I can) in the garden - another area looking slightly neglected,

catch ya!