Monday, September 29, 2008

back from holiday...

Well, holiday over, but it was absolutely GREAT!!! I just love travelling and seeing different parts of the world, different people and sights etc. Romania was very different from Croatia, both in people, and the landscape. We did enjoy both I would have to say, but certainly the cycling and cruise tour in Croatia was a bonus. We met some really wonderful people who just made our holiday that little bit extra special and enjoyable.

...this photo is of Count Vlad's Castle in Transylvania - this was so pretty and not at all what one might expect for Dracula to be living in. OH the romanticism of it all. and a pretty little village also where they had a market selling lots of local souvenirs.

and what could be more perfect and peaceful then this shot!!

We walked the old town wall of Dubrovnik, the heavens opened up for us at the worst time possible, and we got absolutely drenched, however, it was not so cold, so we dried off pretty quickly। ..the only rain for the entire holiday - not too bad.

... and of course, time for stitching for my secret angel...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

२ sleeps to go!

excitement all round - on Friday we are off on holiday for 3 weeks, heading to Romania and Croatia for hopefully some summer or the end of summer anyway.. at the end of our winter.
I just wanted to share what I was up to at the weekend, we travelled to our holiday home in Twizel,
and had the most wonderful time, both in regards to weather, and the things that we managed to do; several bike rides around the canals, lots of gardening, and some quilting as well of course.

these 2 above are Natalie Lymer's Truly Scrumptious -
and this is my version of Leanne Beasley's "Flowers and Flutterbuys!!

Both these quilts are made using Moda Jelly rolls, they are so easy peasy to use...

'til later,


Monday, September 1, 2008

well hello there

Blogger beginnings -I guess this is going to take a wee while to sort out and get in the groove!! but here goes, they tell me that I can talk really well, and the words do literally just slip off my tongue, so it should not be too much of a problem to just sit and type huh!! I think that this will be lots of fun, and I am sure that my family is going to have a bit of a laugh at my expense, isn't that right Janet?

We are heading off on holiday on Friday evening, after Tim and I have finished work, although I have to say, currently it feels like there is much work to do before we go, both at home and at work. Anyway, come Friday, we are hopping on the big silver bird, and winging our way across the other side of the world to begin our Romanian leg of the journey, and then off to Croatia on our cycle and cruise tour of the Dalmatian coastline.

And of course, I will have my stitching with me, particularly for the long haul flights, which are just so so tedious without such a diversion, and of course it is such a pleasant way to spend some time in total relaxation. Just the way to start a holiday.

I have been playing around with my new camera over the weekend, so I hope to download some weekend photos and share them with you very shortly.

be back soon,

'til then,