Tuesday, April 19, 2011

good for the soul...

autumn is a very pretty time of the year, and is not complete without a trip thru Central Otago where the landscapes are stunning most times of the year, but I have always thought of Central Otago autumn as rather extra special,
the leaves are turning and falling from the  trees, 
 the landscape changes daily as the green disappears and the barren hillsides and mountains that this area is well known for, become so prominent, awaiting their first snowfall...
 ..the shores of Lake Wakitpu being no exception, you would never guess that behind this pikkie is a whole ton of tourists and holiday makers... it all looks so serene and peaceful..
 the clouds over the Walter Peaks in the background from the steamer wharf,
the old and the new sit well side by side,
this is Queenstown's oldest building, it very likely started life as a working mans cottage, but is now home to a delightful interior design shop, it has the most delightful garden.. and great places to curl up with a coffee and a great book..
 did I say book?? ....a browse through the bookstore found this gorgeous book...which I just had to have...
 and to top it all off, a glass of vino at the end of a rather good shopping spree, yeh well I know it should be beer in an Irish pub, but I am just not that much of a beer drinker, ...and then pizza at my favourite pizzeria in Queenstown, The Cow.
Now, back home and quilting to do!

Have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new winter boots


 good soles....
 good walking heels...


and a pair of nice warm snuggly merino/possum socks too

.... we just having really nice weather right now 'tho!

I hope you are enjoying your week!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

weekend wanderings...

 so we started along this path on a beautiful sunny Saturday..
clear blue skies the whole way... even though there were warnings that the weather might turn bad later in the day .. or on Sunday
 we reached the top of the ridge... to here ... and I tell you, it was slog the whole way! My thighs are still burning despite the stretch at yoga class last night!
 where we were planning on staying the night ... but was not recommended by DOC due to inclement weather on its way, so we ate lunch, and toddled back down the "hill". We were climbing with the architect who designed this building, he was fascinated as he had only ever been helicoptered in during the building and for the opening about 8 years ago, and had never walked in before, so he was pretty stoked!
managed to catch this avalanche in full motion, absolutely amazing, usually by the time you hear an avalanche, it is all over.. but this one was a biggie, and very close by. We heard many over the day, but mostly they were on the other side of the mountains.
Fantabulous views! In the pikkie above you can see the trail meandering in the Hooker Valley to the Glacial Lake Hooker, with the Majestic Mt Cook .. or Aoraki, in the background
...and quite a bit of snow.... winter heading our way huh!
 I hope your weekend was a good one too!