Wednesday, September 28, 2011

goodies arrived today...

the courier man pulled up today into the drive most unexpectedly, but it is always exciting when his van comes my way, 'cos I just know he is bringing me some good things... 
 and today I was not disappointed
 lots of yummy fabric
 so tonight I have been rolling, and stroking, and folding and adding to my website...
I do love the courier man driving on in...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm adopted!

I have been busy this week trying to get out some customer quilts before we take a holiday next week...
and have been working on some rather delightful quilts, but on Monday just passed...we had some very surprise visitors turn up on our doorstep..
 how exciting is that, this charming young family had bought a new car and decided to take it for a drive to check it out... all the way to Twizel..
 isn't he just the cutest,
 and so cuddly and happy... and did I say cute??
so I am a Grandma by proxy!!

Having a good weekend then??

p.s. nice to see his parents too!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Creative Flair Fair Christchurch

well the last 2 days have been fantastic, I have been playing at the Creative Flair Fair in Christchurch

The Canterbury Modern Quilt Quilt had a magnificent quilt display - check them out here
these were quite spectacular...
this group does some stunning work.. this is one of Roz Johnson's quilts
I love this bunch of flowers! very spring don't you think??

Miche'le showing off her gorgeous baubles, she taught this at the show today in a workshop...
and here we have Miss D, and Mr Willy ... Darby & Joan playing with Acer & Toshiba

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, I am off to bed, following in Miss D's footsteps, it has been a wonderful but rather tiring day!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nowra Retreat ... finally!

I am so so late in publishing this post, this was the most fabulous time away, Kim from Jukejema organised this retreat, and boy does she organise well! Colleen and I booked this retreat getaway a long time ago, and finally the day arrived and we hoped on the silver bird and were off - altho' we very nearly didn't make it due to snow and a whole lot of other silly reasons! Never underestimate the power of quilters off to a retreat!
Anni Downs was there...
and Janelle Wind
and Natalie Ross - 3 super ladies! and so very talented...
Sue was there with her super cute mini antique (well almost if you count 1952 as antique???) sewing machine, it was in perfect working order and so very quiet...
and we made all these lovely, lovely friends...some blogging buddies and some not...
thank you ladies, it was a FANTASTIC weekend! And a very BIG thank you to Kim who did such a wonderful job organising this fantastic retreat. We had a ball.
Now back to teaching a class in the shop today, and lets hope I can get back here a l whole sooner then previous posts! Off to the Christchurch Creative Flair Fair next weekend - so I am busy busy getting organised for that too!
I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend