Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday Snippets on a Monday..

Okay so a day late,
but seriously,
 Monday is like a Sunday ...
for us anyway...
Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Candy Girl

YAY... this is my version of Candy Girl by Janelle Wind,
 spent the evening stitching on the binding
 oooh wonky stitching... unpicking a bit then..
 yummy yummy lollipops
 and more... joined by a butterfly or 2
 flitting among the flowers.. one might think that spring could well be approaching ... hmmm not with all the rain we have had lately - but it is working for my quilt!
 hand sew the binding down..
 lots of fabulous stripes
 and hey presto... a bit if tele watching to while away the time...
and it is all done. Another WIP/UFO/PHD done and dusted!
What are you up to then?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Snippets

no place like it huh..

p.s. I am playing along with Tinniegirl's Sunday Snippets .. here

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lollipop. lollipop... ohh lalala

I believe it is called multi-tasking... all the things that I do in a day..
check out the op shop find this afternoon, oh so pretty...such a delicate pink
and a bit of stitching on Scandinavian Rose, 1st 2 blocks done, this is a very pretty BOM by Rosalie Quinlan, 
 and tonite I have been stitching away on these really cute bright lollipops
I am sooooo loving working on these, this will be a sample for the shop I am thinking, it is another UFO from awhile back...
 I love to put my own stamp on a quilt, so where Janelle is very neat and precise with her needleturn applique,  I am doing a raw edge applique, and deliberately  far less accurate with placement etc, loving it!!
 Rowing Man was really on the edge of his seat with excitement, when these two won their double sculls and picked up a gold medal, what a lot of noise for one man!! Can you imagine what he might be like tomorrow night when we join the Bonds to watch Hamish...
 ...trying to read this before book club on the 14th, enjoying it but there is a distinct lack of time in my life right about now, and every night this week, I have fallen asleep on the same page
 and here is my cute little puppy, she is curled up on our bed, her body clock is telling her it is bedtime, and she is wanting a bit of company ...
Time tomorrow to  think about where we are at with building the house, have all the kitchen and bathrooms sorted, and all the showers, loos, taps, sinks, basins, fridge, dishwasher etc purchased, spent time with the electrician sorting out wiring, plugs, internet/phone lines, heating ducts etc etc... so many decisions made and to be made..
anyway, enjoy your week, what is left of it, certainly enjoy your weekend, and hope I you are enjoying watching the Olympics .