Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Stitching and an early birthday pressie

I visited Christchurch for the day on Friday, achieved what I set out to do, even 'tho I was very late in catching up with Deb,

she surprised me with an early birthday present, she is so super organised, isn't it just really really lovely, I just love to to pieces - not literally of course.

and I have just the perfect place for it right here,

these shorts were made for a friend of mine who works for Cadbury's NZ, they have some kind of sports come charity event on the week after next, nation wide, and she asked me to make several of these up for her, she actually asked me weeks ago and I should not have left it to the 11th hour, but then I am not nearly as organised as Miss Deb is,

best laid plans 'n' all, so I spent yesterday (and some of this morning) sewing 6 shorts and 4 skirts, when I would really rather have been sewing/stitching on a particular quilt project for the Spring Sewing Party organised by Kelly...

and here they all are, all ready to be sent of,

Now I am off to look at what everyone else has been up to for yesterday's spring stitch along!
If you want to look pop over here for a list of all the participants, and see some really wonderful inspirational results!

..and then I have some hand stitching to finish off that I should have finished off last night,

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend

so this is the rest of the stitching that I managed last night for the Spring Sewing Party, now I know that technically it is not sewing, but there is good reason - sure!

Rowing Man was on call this weekend, and he got called out to 2 motor vehicle accidents last evening, (fairly minor thankfully, and no big injuries), one on the Mt Cook Rd, and the other not far from Tekapo. Now you might think that would give me ample alone time to get my sewing machine cranking along,

The thing is we also had a friend for tea, so it was just not friendly to sit at the sewing machine, so you know the whole idle hands thing, after dinner, I stitched while we chatted and had a wine,

catch ya later!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturday Spring Party

Details, Details

Date: Saturday, February 27

Time: It's open -- pop in when you can, leave when you want

Where: Here, Your Place, and Fellow Partier's Places (cyberspace)

Bring: Your Project, entertainment, snacks for you and cyber snacks to share with the group

On Saturday, sew, take pictures - and post progress on your "Spring Sewing Party" post! And, of course the fun part - visit your fellow partier's blogs to see what they're up to and post fun comments!

What a great opportunity to spend the day sewing and stitching and getting lots of those projects done!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bits 'n' bobs

these pretties are from my Mum's garden,

she had them on her kitchen bench when we visited yesterday while in Dunedin

Back home again 'tho and Rowing man is in construction mode again, but at least he is reading AND following the manual..... and I have been looking through this catalogue, in between offering instructions... (yeh right!)

these are most delicious!!

so so yummmy...

I am in total heaven looking at these...

however, in between my jam making (yep using up all those plums before I start on the apples)
I am off to sort out this room (below), as it has become a bit of a dumping ground over the last week, and Rowing Boy and French Chic are coming up for the weekend. The other room is currently being used by a 5th year medical student who is attached to Rowing Man for the next 3 weeks.

hmmm, off I go..... anybody want to do it for me??

p.s. off to Christchurch on Friday for the day, catch up with Miss D... now that WILL be fun

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday night stitch in and Saturday boating

I took part in Heidi's Friday night sew-in with 194 others - what a wonderful way to spend an evening,

got this pile put together, this started life as a jelly roll,

so that is most of the piecing done, need to think about sashings and a border and what else I might do with these, I have a few ideas - well one

Saturday saw us heading out on Lake Benmore with friends,

with another magnificent view of Mt Cook behind us

we found a perfect picnic site, ate lunch, read books, chatted, had afternoon tea, cake....

this is the movie set that was started for a movie (construction abruptly stopped 12mths ago), about the life of Jesus, Lake Benmore was to be the sea of Galilee, and this was to be the house of Caiaphas, one of 2 high priests at the time of the trial of Jesus. The movie never came to much as they ran out of funding apparently, but the set, thus far, remains as you see it above.

we played about with the boat a bit more,

and lolled about in the glorious sunshine

what a day!!

hope your weekend was fun and everything you wanted it to be!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

we have some progress...

we went for an early morning walk today, quite by accident we went this way - we drove to the lake, but when we got there, Rowing Man discovered he had left the keys to the rowing club at home - hey it is a 5 minute drive, but he decided that once we drove back home we would just walk instead - look at what we saw

all papered,

and the exterior cladding has been started also!

now,Thursday Quilt Group day today and I cannot make up my mind, have 30 mins to do so..
these layer cakes are all very delicious,

I am tossing between this one ...

and this one... think I might make this quilt

French General really does it for me, I just luuuurve this fabric...

Enjoy your Thursday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

splish splash!!

Rowing Man and I took a Sunday afternoon stroll yesterday

and we fed these beauties

we wandered down to the Salmon Farm, only an hours walk away in the hot HOT sun!!.... and back again

but we picked up a really nice piece of smoked salmon for tea, and wandered back home again

Over the weekend I worked on this

the local - or what used to be local, school in Outram (where Rowing Man used to have his practice), asked if I could donate one of quilts for their upcoming Twilight Mardi Gras, this coming Saturday evening

so I put this together, and we are delivering it tomorrow, Rowing Man has a meeting in Wellington tomorrow, and his flight leaves from Dunedin - luckily Dunedin airport is relatively close to Outram. Means that I can catch up on town chores 'n' things while he is busy

Enjoy your week!