Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spring methinks....

                                                 Spring is sprung
                                  the grass has riz

                       I wonder where dem boirdies is???

oh yeh, they be in yonder tree over there,  singing oh so sweetly,

well they would be were it daylight instead of so flamimg late! Been up adding to the website, 'sposed to go live this week, ...... lots to do!!!

it is such fun 'tho!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

hey ho hey ho

Well this week has been a bit of an anti-climax really, it was such a hype getting organised for the Quilt & Craft Show, which was such fun!!  I caught up with Deb, 'n' Darlene, 'n' Michelle, n Miche'le, n Nic.... 'n';ots of others...

 So many great merchant stands, and lots of goodies to show and sell and buy!!! But it is all aver now, and back to real life again, the shop is back together, I have completed one customers quilt top on the quilty machine and another loaded for tommorrow, just need to get organised now for somw BOM's and classes for next year... oh and the website needs a few finishing touches so it can go live at the end  of this month!! YIPPEE...

I've been  struggling just a bit this week with the smallness of Twizel and country life, seems such a change from the weekends hustle and bustle. Anyway, life goes on, and on and things to be done, and ...

So I have made some curtains for our bedroom, Rowing Man has been putting up an old blanket every night to keep us warm,. and the frosty nights out, so we can say goodbye to the blanket now!

And today I finally caught up on the blocks for the Mystery Christmas Block of the month using the fabulous Kate Spain Christmas collection, it is sssooo yummy and fresh and bright!!

... and now I am about to stitch these lovely roses onto my blue cardigan, I found these at the show on Saturday, and decided that they were just the thing to bring a bit of new life into this cardy that has been hanging in my wardrobe, look at the roses on the pocket, aren't they just so gorgeous...

well gotta go do some more something!!

have a fun weekend everyone, I do hope all you in the south of the South Island  are managing to keep warm and dry with all the snow storms that you are having!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

cut fold whack stack...

well,it has been a busy few weeks I can tell you, 3,no I tell a lie, 4 weeks ago I decided to accept an invitation tp have  amerchant stand at the Christchurch Craft & Quilt Fair 17-19 September.

Well that time has come, and I have been rather busy cutting and folding fabric, making up kits and bundles, and having a bit of a whale of a time really, it is such fun playing with fabric don't you think?

Anwyay, tomorrow the car will be all packed up, and off I will trundle to Christchurch. See what kinda state the fair city is in after all that shaking around. Hopefully yhe fair will provide a bit of brightness and laughter for many of the shaken.

... and best of all, I will catch up with Michelle, and Deb, and meet Miche'le for the first time as they will all be there as well! .... and maybe just maybe, might catch up with Darlene (altho a little bird says that she might be away for the weekend)

Have  a fun weekend everyone, whatever you may be up to!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

another day...

Wow, isn’t it amazing how your whole view of life can be completely turned on it’s head in the space of a week.  I am sure this is a time when all Cantabrians will remember where they were when the earthquakes of 2010 struck for many many years to come.

Twizel completely escaped damage, with most of the local being waken from their slumber, only to return again once the shaking stopped, and certainly nothing compared to those who have lost their homes and businesses in Christchurch.
It all sounds a bit trivial talking about fabric 'n' stuff in light of what has happened, however life does go on and sometimes sewing may be just the right therapy. oh I do hope that doesn't sound too trite, as it is really not meant to!

I have been rather busy this week, cutting and folding fabric yet again, 


I am klucky enough to have a merchant stall at the Quilt & Craft Show to be held in Christchurch Sept 17-19, and yes it is still on despite all the devastation, chaos, destruction and reconstruction currently going on. It is to be held in a part of Chrischurch, that by all reports sustained very little damage, and seeing as the rock band, Metallica, are playing there this Friday coming, everything is being done to ensure the venue and safety for both events.

So, I got this quilt (below), finished for a customer, 


and this one started last night...

... just finished lunch, and back out to the packing shed,... OOOPS mean shop!!

Have a fun day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

well it was spring yesterday...

now it's snowing......
but these still look really pretty and springish!!