Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday morning sleep in

 morning all,

I was sitting up in bed with a cuppa tea, my brekky, my man, and my lappie - yeh what a dynamite combination! Anyway, we heard a tap at the back door, so I got up to see who was visiting us so early in the morning, and lo and behold

 a package on my doorstep
 what a cute little guy is'nt he... and the parcel tied up all so beautifully
 and inside the brown paper was some yellow tissue, my chirpy little fellow is helping me out here...
 and lo and behold, what gorgeousness!!! Darlene has sent me this beautiful chalk board, how delightful!
 and some chalks, but oops, one of them not quite like the others
but it writes well!! Thanks my good friend, I have just the place for this

have a fabulous weekend..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday Monday...

well actually it is Tuesday, but don't hold that against me, feels like a whole week has gone by in the last 2 days

this was Friday nights effort for Heidi's Friday night sew-in, I  just love these nights and get so much done! But the weekend was soooo busy and I have only just found time now to blog about it..
 Rowing Man was on call all weekend and I was busy in the shop, Monday afternoon saw us up in the air, after a morning gardening...
 and the view was absolutely spectacular! Yep, we treated ourselves to an afternoon gliding, it was our Christmas present to each other
back on land, finding feet again, poor Mr Rowing Man, he had to use the barf bag, tsk tsk... mind I did feel a bit green myself by the time we got back, the winds were not that great and after initially gettin up to 6500ft, we couldn't get back up and spent ages circling trying to get a thermal to take us back up, but no luck ~ maybe another day then,

I hope you are having a great week,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew Along

  well, another great night for sewing, and whittling down that to-do list of UFO's, Bobbi and Heidi are co-hosting the first Friday Night Sew Along for 2011

tonight I plan to work on my GJ quilt which sadly has been sitting untouched for some time, despite my best intentions

join up here and see what you can achieve in a night,

so come back tomorrow and see how I have fared, and share what you have been doing as well

enjoy your evening,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Annual Show

 by all accounts this promises to be a very good day, I promised I would promote this, so save the date and all you ladies that live close or nearby to this event, go and have a looksee, who knows what you may discover..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

in need of a little tidy up

if I post about  it, then I have to do something about it, is that how it goes??

 this is my kitchen.. newer version that is. Rowing Man painted this on Sunday as the rowing regatta was cancelled due to winds, shame I say... (NOT - got the kitchen painted!)
 now remember that this man is the local GP and a rowing nut extraordinaire, NOT a painter, but he has done an absolutely super job of this,he is really taking on board this home renovation stuff!
 a silk purse it was never going to be, but remember this is our short term temporary home until we decide to build, so while we want it clean and tidy and liveable, we do not want to spend a ton of money, but it now needs to be put back together, and the groceries on the floor need to go on shelves and cupboards, and homes found for all the stuff that currently lives on the floor or bench

 and it might be rather nice if we can eat at the dining table tonight, (we have plans to paint these walls too, it is rather dark with that wallboard on)
and seriously, the Christmas decorations really need to be packed and put away,

soooo ... if I post that I am gonna do these things today, that means they get done???


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hocus Pocus

 what devastation across the ditch at the moment huh, first the fires in Western Australia, and now the horrid floods in Queensland. Rowing Man and I have just watched u-tube footage of cars being picked up and swept away as 'tho they were matchbox toys - what is Mother Nature up to??? Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in the flood stricken areas

 this is a quilt that I have finished for a very dear friend who sadly is no longer with us, Kate was making this quilt for her grandson, and I had the privilege of finishing it for her, and her family.
 this quilt started one Thursday at quilt group, when we all took along our scraps, tipped them into the middle of the floor, and we all started making our own string blocks from the potpourri of fabrics on the floor (my blocks are sitting in my studio waiting to be pieced together..... WISP)

 so I see some of my fabrics in here from previous quilts - isn't it great when that happens,

 doesn't it look great!! Iam sure Kate would be so happy with it, and I am sure her grandson will treasure it dearly

 not bad for a scrap quilt!!

I am still waiting to get here 'tho, I have  great book that I am reading very slowly,
and this photo (below) is for you Chooky, just to remind you what you need to come visit...

 have a fabulous day people!

Monday, January 10, 2011

look what the postie brought...

these arrived in the post this morning,

  and this too....

so I pulled a few of these together.. 

 and I as already have these fabrics sitting on a shelf in my shop, it was pretty easy..

 a customer sent an e-mail enquiry jst before Christmas,  asking about these fabrics and a particular BOM that she was keen on,

 so being the obliging person that I am, (well most of the time??)

I ordered the pattern... and several others
                                   these fabrics are all looking pretty good right about now

 so tomorrow, (after I have been to Christchurch for a coofee with Miss D), I am making up a kit for this lady for this BOM, Life is Beautiful by Helen Stubbings, (you can follow the progress of many other doing this BOM here )

 I kinda think that I might just do it myself too.... like I need another project, but I sure would love all that stitching!

 hmmmm..... what's a stitching gal to do I ask?