Tuesday, December 28, 2010

all in one day

Incy Wincy spider climbing up the spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
Now Incy Wincy spider went up the spout again!

 we started the day with torrential rain,   a right royal downpour,

and now we have brilliant sunshine, people out walking their dogs, kids on bikes

all is well!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday Night Stitch in

  Heidi has been holding these great stitching nights most of the year, and I have participated in a few of them, seems we don't have too many Friday nights at home, well not the ones that the stitch-in is on anyway. This is the last Friday night stitch in for 2010, but I seriously hope that Heidi will run these again next year!

Last night, I was determined to get quite a bit done, and I did indeed, however, I can't show you too much as they are Christmas presents, and you just never know who might be blog  lurking...

This is on of several  heart blocks that I made and will be winging their way to Timaru - these block will be collected as part of a national project, and will be made into quilts to give to the familes of the 29 miners who perished at Pike River on the west Coast, lets hope that they bring some comfort to those familes.

this one I pieced together on Friday, and quilted last evening, talk about being on a roll....
and this quilt is one that has been sitting in the UFO pile for far too long, (like 7 years...), so I unpicked  the little amount of quilting that I had done - which was quite a bit, given that it is a very big quilt. Rowing Man lent a hand too, made the job thta much faster, and seemd much less tedious. So this goes on the quilting frame on Sunday - yeh that's tomorrow, and hopefully one more project done and dusted!
these roses are out of my garden, I only planted them a few weeks back, and already I am getting masses of flowers off them, they smell so heavenly, I have right beside my bed, such a delicious fragrance as I nod off...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

SSCS - parcel has arrived!!!

 YAY. my Secret Santa Pressie has arrived!!!!
what goodies are in here then.... can I possibly wait until Christmas Day?????
BUT look at this cute Christmas tree ornament, isn't it just way way too cute!!
Thank you ever so much Sonia

and a really BIG thanks to Chookyblue for organising yet another wonderful swap

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... there is something soft in there, and something rattly as well....


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Regatta season on..

well the 2010-2011 rowing season began yesterday, the first regatta at the Lake Ruataniwha Rowing Complex for the season,

I missed yesterday's action as I was busy here in the shop, there are obviously a number of rowing followers that quilt! I missed Rowing Man's big race early yesterday morning, he won his single sculls race and beat his nemesis, so you can imagine that he is pretty chuffed about that. I got a text message after the race that simply said "WAHOO" so I knew that he had won. Go Rowing Man!!

Today I managed to get away for a bit, and watched him row in the Master's quad race, which they won also.

it is such a wonderful day for rowing, and these lads were certainly very happy with their efforts!! One more race today and then home for a BBQ tea, YUM!!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shop Open Day... oh what fun

  well I didn't turn away thousands but I did get some great sales, and a few more people  know that I am about now, so I am happy,

I have just got eftpos sorted for the shop in the week prior so that is all up and running rather smoothly, isn't it great, swipe the card and all that money goes flying (metaphorically) down the phone line and out of one bank account into another!!


Margaret and Keith came up from Dunedin for the weekend...
... And then to top the afternoon off, Miss D and friends stayed over for the night, we all had a marvellous time sitting in the sun/shade enjoying a glass of wine... or 2 or 3 and a great BBQ tea, ahhhhh that's what life is all about huh..

Thanks my good friends for coming over and supporting me so well!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

'tis the season

yesterday the post man came ... again, well the courier man actually, and delivered the cutest little books
'tis the season by Natalie Bird of The Birdhouse

these books are terrific value and at such a low cost for the all the stitchery and project patterns,  as it is in a cute little flip book form and all for only $25 NZD

 There are 13 great Christmassy stitcheries in total,

  the main project a quilt measures 33 x 41 inches, perfect for getting inot the seasonal celebrations,

 other projects include a bag, wallhanging, scrapbook or photo album, hanging pocket and a gorgeous little cushionusing any one of the stitcheries

Chookyblue is organising another of her famous stitchalongs, so head on over here and sign up, this project starts March/April and runs for about 6 months, so plenty of time to get organised over the summer ..or winter if you are in the northern hemisphere,

 have fun!!!... and don't forget to sign up!!

p.s. if you want a copy of the book, email me, or check out my website later this evening.
I would list it right now but friends have just arrived and must get them some dinner, YAY for BBQ's huh...

p.s.s just listed on the home page, scroll to the bottom of the page and add to your shopping cart... I am really sorry but the pikkie is not showing up on the website, I don't have a clue why not, and my website dude is currently on holiday overseas somewhere,... ooooh the hassles that I have had with computers of late, but tappity tapping on my brand new lappie here and it is great!!!