Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday business..

Been quite a busy Monday really, this is the first Monday that we have had at home AND where Rowing Man has not been otherwise engaged, so we made the most of it!

Not quite sure if I have mentioned or not, but we have youngest daughter home from her exchange tour of Denmark.  She has been away there since the begining of January and will be staying with us (Yep in the teeny tiny house!!!) until she heads off to polytech or varsity at the beginging of the next academic year early next year, she is thinking about art and design school.

So... we got lots done today, pictures and art hung on the walls, rubbish sorted and out, quilts hung up on the shop walls, more fabric folded and shelved, and played around in the shop a bit sorting, and sorting...

coffee at one of the local cafes, keys cut at the hardware store, visit to Placemakers to look at kitchen cabinetry and see what they might have to offer and buy some gibboard for shelves in a cupboard, yummy lunch (homemade leftovers that is) , a bit of quilt piecing, ... quite a bit off the to-do-list, BUT best of all, Rowing Man cooked tea!!! 

 So ealrier today I played a bit with this fabric,


and cut and placed, and played, 

and ended up with this,


still not all together, but tomorrow IS another day

Thursday, August 26, 2010

night skies

well, what a beautiful night we had on Saturday,Tim had his per review group staying in Twizel for the weekend.. all GP's from around the region that come togther for  a bit of a junket really, but they did have a couple of meetings that add up continued medical education points for their annual practice certificates so some work and some play...

They had a meeting on Saturday morning, then hit the skifield at Ohau,


lots of sunny skies whilst skiing,

then dinner at one of the local restaurants, 

and then...

the BIG night skies at the Mt John Observatory in Tekapo 

hmmmm.... blogger is not letting me load any photos tonight, so you might just have to pop over here  or here and see for yourself!

...but the really good photos are here

and even more here. It is seriously worth a visit if you are ever in this area. It is simply stunning!!! particularly if you manage to get very clear night skies like we did.

I hope you are having a  really great week!

happy stitching

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chaos... organised??

it is slowly coming together,

we moved house over the weekend, as well as having a house full of guests - so given all that I think that we managed very nicely indeed, and have mostly managed to retain a sense of humour AND our sanity

The local annual  ball (Yep a ball in Twizel!), was held on Saturday night, and what a fantastic evening it was too, all decked out n our glad rags, we trotted off with friends and family (son & fiancee and nephew & girlfriend) in tow, and rocked away 'til the wee small hours of Sunday morning, then on Sunday we were into moving furniture and boxes...

So now we are living in the house that is on the property with the shop, parts of which are still looking a bit messy, and there are still several boxes of "stuff", patterns. notions and bitsnbobs to be unpacked and placed about, but largely it is pretty much coming to life!
most of the fabric has been sorted, and stacked, altho' a few bits need to find better homes, but I guess this will come together over the next few days and weeks
it's really funny (weird funny that is),  but most of the photos I took looked really really horrid, so close ups it is until I get can the shots that I really want to show you
I am loving this range of fabric and cannot wait to get into it and get a sample quilt made up...
such loveliness indeed!!... altho' again photos not quite cutting the mustard
well, might leave you here, and get back into it, have to spend some time today doing a bit more stuff for the website, gosh this stuff really does take quite a bit of time....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Quilt Group

I cannot believe that  it has been 2 weeks since I last posted, the time has just gone nowhere, (Cambridge Machine Quilter's Conference, followed closely by the Southern General Practice Conference in Christchurch last weekend, and a trip to Dunedin in between.. have hardly been home.

well what a wonderful day today, so utterly relaxing and the freedom just to be creative, how wonderful, haven't had a day like this for ages.....

and my sewing machine was used for the first time in weeks, I am not sure who had the bigger withdrawal symptoms, Miss Elna or myself!

Anyway, have a look at what Thursday Quilt group got up to today...

Actually we started last night with a pot luck tea to welcome tutor Sue Weston to our town, and our quilt group.(we meet every Thursday from 10am-3pm ish every week at the local Church hall).

 Have a look at her work here, Sue does a lot of work with woollens which she recycles form op-shops, and they are simply stunning! Sue is also into strip piecing in a BIG way, and that is what we were doing today

We all brought along our scraps, and tossed them in a huge pile in the middle of the room

then selected what we wanted for our own projects ...

 and away we went!

this one is largely blue/white stripes

 this is my effort for the day... (too much talking and eating.. hehehehe)

not too bad coming from a pile of scraps huh..

well done to the group I say! and a very big THANKS to Sue for coming over from Wanaka to join in and lead our group on this project!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

p.s. have a look on my Facebook page and see what lovelies arrived in store this week...