Friday, November 30, 2012

just a quick post...

you know that saying, don't know if I am Arthur or Martha, that about sums me up at the mo'. 3 times this week I have found my camera only to lose it again, come Sunday, it surely is going to be a day of rest!
To say that life has been a little hectic would certainly be an understatement.

 however, after Sunday's day of absolute rest... whilst I will unpack the car from Saturday's fete in Winton, (getting up to drive there tomorrow morning at 4am) and plant shrubs 'n' trees 'n' roses at the new house... which is still under construction... I plan on doing the following over the week ~
organise and download some books on my new mini i-pad ~ can you believe I have had this now for 3 weeks, and still it is not set up!
...pack to head off and see my daughter, and son (newly transported - left last Friday), in Perth, soooo, I'm leaving on a jet plane,
unfortunately I do know when I will be back again... in 2 weeks,
plan on doing a bit of this, actually quite a bit if I can..

and a bit of this...

some of this,

organising some of this to take with me, (it is a very long flight to Perth from Timaru and involves several flights and stops, thankfully in Koru lounges with some degree of comfort...made bearable with some hand-stitching to while away the time),
followed by...

prepare a few meals for Rowing Man to consume whilst I am away.. (I had done this but recently discovered that my freezer had inadvertently been turned OFF since Labour Weekend - talk about stench, it all ended up in a local farmers offal pit)
play in  the quilt shop, and do a few quilts for customers...
oh dear, I am starting to feel a bit frazzled allover again!

have a good week!... weekend

p.s. at the local wearable art dinner/auction this evening so more on that later...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sad neglected blog

I will get back here, sometime soon, just been rather busy lately...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday...

I haven't posted in a bit, been too busy
 but after reading Deb's post, I decided to join in on Miriam's Wardrobe Wednesday, seemed an easy and quick enough topic
 so here we have the new pink shirt, I just loved this as soon as  I saw it Monday, I love the style and the soft pink... perfect for our hot summer days - especially when I teamed it up with these  jumbo faux pearl beads... they are new too!
 and these days I keep my hair rather short, they say a photo's are an accurate picture, but gosh I wish that I was closer to 50 then 60!
 and these seem to be a rather permanent fixture on my face these days
 and no, I am not pigeon toed, we may have some rather warm days but still not quite sandal weather just yet, so shoes it is. Had these for a while, same with the white cotton jeans from last summer
perfect "couture" for a day in a country quilt shop..

how is your Wednesday?