Tuesday, January 24, 2012

so what have I been doing in January then

well I did plan to do a post this day...
 but it didn't quite happen..
 I took lots of photos of old house, barns and sheds.. I do have a plan...
 enjoyed a pedicure ~ mine are the black toes, and no, I haven't gone goth! 3 generations of feet here
 made a cushion for a 90th birthday present
 watched my puppy grow, and play
 stacked fabric in my shop - boy have I stacked fabric!
 read some of these
 enjoyed some creating of a different sort - my latest craze ~ mini books/albums... and I do have a plan for these too
 read some more of these
 and finished this off for a friend
January ~ a great time for smelling the roses... and a great start to 2012
I hope you are having a great time too!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

what are your plans today?

I love this time of year, time for reflection, remembering, tidying, sorting, planning, plotting, ...
I haven't been doing much blogging, or even that much commenting on blogs, but I have been reading, and slowly catching up on all the Christmas and New Year adventures that you have all had, some quiet, some rowdy, some filled with family and friends, some holidaying, some playing...
I have been trolling in blog-land, and YouTube, ... pretty much every morning this past week, I have spent some time just cruising before my morning walk. Rowing Man gets up and heads off for his early morning exercise about 5.30am, and I cuddle up in bed with a cuppa, Ellie and my laptop - yeh I know sounds boring - but when I gave it some thought, not a lot different from lying in bed reading really - then I started feeling better about wasting my time relaxing and taking a few breaths and really got into it. And it is so nice to have Ellie all cuddled up and sleeping beside me whilst I do this. See I just can't move and wake her... a little growing puppy neeeeds her sleep now huh.. I have even checked out Etsy this morning.. a site that I have not previously explored - my oh my, some very clever creative people out there!
But ~ the YouTube clips that I have watched - oh boy, how addictive! .. and you can watch a YouTube on pretty much anything at all from how to.... to how not to... to... well, anything, and I mean everything. It's a bit like Google - you just type in words and see what comes up ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING!
So, laptop and cuppa at hand, I have found a whole heap of inspirational sites, here are just a few that I have been on this morning:
even if you are not on holiday it is still possible to feel in holiday mode, so spend some time on you and go check 'em out.. (then I won't feel quite so slothful either - and we can be partners in crime.. or blog stalking, internet trolling... or whatever..)
what a great way to start a new year ~ welcome to 2012!
where are you heading then...

Friday, January 6, 2012

welcome to 2012

p.s. I will be back very soon...