Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hello again...

soooo much to tell you all, what with a whole 3 - no almost 4 weeks of no posting, there has been a whole heap of goings on here in my corner of the world,
 here we have the wonderful Michele Hill from Adelaide, THE William Morris pattern and fabric designer, my BFF Colleen and I headed off to Tauranga at the beginning of March for a fabulous weekend at Village Fabrics and Needlecrafts. What a treat and a wonderful road trip for Colleen and I.
 We stayed in a cute little bach in Omokaroa, ate out at the local boat club, and walked heaps in the evening,
 I was ever so lucky to be in Wellington for my eldest daughters birthday - Envirogirl - we had a great time catching up, and I shall see her again at the end of the month when she is down,
 and I have been busy creating - in my spare time (hmmm... what is that??) - in between shop stocking, fabric arriving and a class this past weekend - all good fun and for another post huh
Ellie had a playmate when Rowing Boy (Son) and his wife (French Chic) came up for the weekend, Ellie is so tired now, and sleeping beside me as my fingers tap!!
... and I plan to spend the day updating my website - which will likely take me the best part of the day - before I head to my quilty machine - news about that too as I have updated to a new long-arm
talk again soon - have a fabulous day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gosh it has been a busy week..

hmmm it has been rather hectic, but oh so much fun!
 this bright breezy Dr Suess quilt is for my brand new - well 4 weeks old now - baby of my lovely niece Emma. Yep, 4-5 weeks old and just tipping the scales @ 71/2lbs, so a teeny tiny model
 this lovely bright one is for a very good quilting friend from our local group who very sadly lost her battle with cancer late last year, our group has been rather busy working through her stash making quilts for her grandchildren. So these are my 2 finishes for February OPAM... and I made a couple of journals also, but haven't managed to take photos yet.. on the to-do-list!
 and I have been rather busy eating plenty of these fresh goodies... off my good neighbours tree... must plant a few at our new home, they grow ever so well up here. It has been a plentiful year with beans, plums, pumpkins, courgettes, tomatoes and of course the usual lettuces, potatoes, spinach etc
 and a blog post is not complete without an update on our delightful leggy blonde.. my she is growing very fast. I can't imagine a time when she was not in our lives...
and this was on my (new) quilty machine.... all done and dusted now, along with 2 other mates, I thought I had photos, but cannot find them so maybe not... another time then,,
so, you see, I have been rather steadily busy - great fun!
how was yourweek?