Monday, July 11, 2011

does my bum look big in this?

when we lived in Dunedin, Rowing Man and I used to visit the gym on a very regular basis. I first started gyming just after Rowing Boy was born in 1981, he was 5 weeks old... he turned 30 the other week.
Rowing Man and I used to do a number of classes at the gym; pump, step, balance, RPM - and a personal training session each week. I am a real class girl, I just need someone else yelling instructions at me, and I will follow.I can just tune out and get a really good hard workout if someone else is directing. And then there is the motivation of the other gym enthusiasts right beside, behind and in front of you.
I really, really miss the gym! .. and whilst there is a gym here in Twizel, it is really very basic, very cold (there is something very wrong about putting a hat and gloves on to work out!)... and no classes. SOooo... my motivation levels have not been too high.. pretty much non-existent in fact - other then the very odd bike ride (3-4 in the last 2 years), and some regular walks - but even they appear to be waning, sommat to do with the cold I expect. Oh I forgot, I do go to yoga most Monday nights and have just finished a 10 week course of Tai Chi.
 so anyway, this appeared on the doorstep - delivered by courier the other day
 I just knew that Rowing Man was up to something...
 and my bike found its way inside
my rarely used but rather lovely bike, Rowing Man and I both bought new bikes in the year before we moved up here, and had all sorts of plans to be out riding here which sadly didn't really come to much despite all the lovely places that one can bike here
so Thursday, while I was at quilt group for the day, Rowing Man put my bike on a stationary block so that I can ride inside in the lounge, on my bike, in some degree of comfort ~ would you believe it!!
 maybe he thinks I have been spending too much time on my derriere, reading and stitching???
anyway, block 6 of Imperial Blooms arrived in the post Saturday, so I shall spread my gluteus maximus a little further as I sit and stitch tonight!
I know the weather most places hasn't been too great, but sure likes there has been a whole lot of stitching going on looking at your blogs, I hope you all had a great weekend..


Michelle Gaut said...

Loved reading your blog, had a wee few giggles.
Hopefully the weather will get warmer for you wee girl and you can just take off on that fabulous bike.

Stitching looks excitng, I love getting real mail, just like christmas, Aye

By Hoki Quilts said...

You getting a big bum????? I couldn't imagine any part of you getting big and as for rowing man doing that - huh, and I thought he was a nice guy, mmmmm.

Cardygirl said...

It is so easy to become less active...I have been out walking today, but sadly it is hard to find time in the daylight! Love the stitching too!

Deb said...

Good on him!! You couldn't get a big bum if you tried but I do know how much you are missing the gym so you'll enjoy the thoughtfulness of your giftand he did it from the right corner of his heart.

Elyte said...

Pretend you are Cadel Evans riding into Paris in glorious triumph. You'll be wearing the lycra before you know it! Good luck.